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I venture to say that Easter 2020 won’t be one we will ever forget. I doubt we will ever have the conversation that goes “What year was is again when we couldn’t have an Easter program at church because of mass contagion?” It’s unlikely I’ll ever be on the couch with my future grandchildren, looking at family photos of us in our traditional front porch Easter picture wearing face masks, latex gloves, grey hairs showing, several pounds heavier in our pajamas and say, “what Easter was that?” I doubt (hope) I’ll ever get crazy enough, even in my old age, to forget this one.

Sunday will mark day 23 of quarantine for my family. I’ve had lots of time to think. Lots and lots of time. So much time. A ridiculous amount of time. In that unprecedented alone time I’ve found that I am grateful, thankful and feeling immensely blessed.

1. Over the last 2 years, I have learned what it looks like to continue to grow my faith and stay in community with fellow believers without sitting in a church service on Sunday morning. All of my life, Sunday morning church was a way of life. However, through a series of events that are for another day to discuss, my learning a new way to worship has prepared us for this quarantine, spiritually speaking. Thanks to technology, my family will also be here, virtually, worshiping via online church this week. Easter will be happening in my home on Sunday.

2. Speaking of technology, had this pandemic happened even a few short years ago the connections that are being made wouldn’t be happening. Thankful for social media, FaceTime and for Zoom (except for Monday morning conference calls with work because looking presentable from the neck up takes work). My family divides up the holidays and we all take our turn hosting. Easter is the holiday I host at my house each year. There will be far less cleanup for Easter 2020 thanks to covid19. Cleaning dishes for a dinner for 4 people is faster than dishes for for 24 people. That’s a teeny tiny silver lining in this. This Sunday, my extended family may be only visible via an iPad propped up on the end of the table, but in times like these, it’s better than not seeing their faces at all. We’ll still “see” each other and laugh together like always. That’s for certain. Easter will be happening in my home on Sunday.

3. I planted some seedlings in a tray. Sweet peppers, pumpkins, watermelon and sunflowers are sprouting from little square plastic cups by the window in my kitchen. Each day they are noticeably taller. Red tulips, that my husband’s aunt and uncle gave me when my Dad died 6 years ago, are in full bloom in my yard. A bird’s nest has already appeared in the awning of my back deck. There is growth and life everywhere you turn. Despite illness that has touched so many families and continues to do so, there are still signs of life. Jesus rose from the grave, giving all of us the hope we need to survive our time on earth before we see him face to face one day. I can’t help but think of how many new faces will be seeing Jesus this Easter due to the pandemic. It’s both heartbreaking yet beautiful. It’s both something to mourn yet celebrate. Easter will be happening in my home on Sunday.

Today I’ll be working from home with my day job, writing an article for a local magazine with my for-fun job, blogging to “twist the release valve” as my therapist would say, cooking, dying eggs with my teenagers who are bored enough that they are excited about it this year and will walk outside to take some deep breaths of fresh air. So thankful for God’s provisions. Grateful for those essential workers who go out and get it done, pushing through their own anxieties and worries because there is a job that needs to be done; heroes without capes.

I’ll also prepare for our Easter dinner of 4. There will be all the traditional foods, minus my aunt’s strawberry cake, which is the worst part of the deal. If you happen to be someone, at home alone or without anyone to “eat” Easter dinner with email me! My family would be happy to have you! I’ll add you on our zoom call!

Easter will be happening in my home on Sunday.