Good Friday Sunsets

Predictable and stable, yet different every time. I can look at my phone and find out the exact minute it will fade into darkness. It’s never late. Never absent. Dependable and strong.

No matter where you are in this world we all look at the same sun. There is something about knowing that which knits us together as a human race. It makes me feel small like a child. The combination of the strength it embodies and the art it displays is too powerful to ignore. Watching something so big, so beautiful and not having an ounce of control over it causes me to relax a little if even for a moment.

Sunsets have always stolen my attention.

It occurs to me for the 1st time why a hot star moving in the sky every evening has such an impact on me.

It reminds me of Jesus.

Sunsets remind me of the steadiness and power of their creator, my creator.

Today, Good Friday, I sit and wonder what the sunset might have looked like from the table of that last supper? Did anyone notice it’s exquisiteness on the night before such a beastly day?

Just like the glamor of the sunset fades away after it’s time is up so was it for Jesus.

Lovely, innocent, peaceful the day before, but only for a time. Thankfully, the ugliness, unfairness, hatefulness of Good Friday also faded away after it’s time was up, in time for the beauty to be restored 3 days later.

Anticipated. Strong. In Control. Amazing.

In my city the sunset is at 7:26pm tonight. I’ll be in my spot watching. Thankful. Viewing through the lens of a new perspective.

Today truly is a Good Friday.

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