A few nights ago I was on the couchĀ channel surfing for something good to watch on TV. There really are only three channels I watch. From the stories my mom tells, three channels is all she ever had growing up. I donā€™t feel sorry for her. Three is all you need. I have close to one bazillion channels, but the only ones I ever use are Comedy Central, a local channel to watch The Bachelor and local news and then a channel to satisfy my addiction to documentaries.

On this particular evening I ran across a documentary about the many affairs of John F Kennedy. We have all seen the breathy birthday songĀ Marilyn Monroe sang for him.Ā  It’s kind of easy to guess that one, but I had no idea about how many others there were.Ā  There were many, MANY others.Ā Ā This dude was straight pimp. These werenā€™t just average, low profile interns in blue dresses under his desk either. His affairs were with people who not only could have caused catastrophic damage to his credibility as president, but also could have causedĀ disaster in this country hadĀ any of the scorned women decided to share informationĀ they gained fromĀ theirĀ pillow talk.Ā Ā They were women with mafia ties, German prostitutes, famous actresses, strippers and well-known socialites.Ā Ā He was a busy man.

HeĀ made great stridesĀ for civil rights during his term as president, no doubt, but how did his scandals not over-shadow all ofĀ it?Ā  Why?Ā Because the general public had no idea.Ā  Had they known then how carelessly he waved hisĀ freak flag things would have been different.Ā Ā Camelot wouldn’t have had nearly the royal luster it did among dotingĀ Americans.

The difference is that good oleā€™ JFK was privileged to live in a time whereĀ people didn’t know every detail about him.Ā  Most people decided toĀ vote for him based on theĀ information they gained fromĀ reading three-day-old newspaper articles.Ā  They formed opinions fromĀ short reportsĀ  they watchedĀ on their little static television sets.Ā Ā Paparazzi werenā€™t hiding in every corner with long range camera lenses snapping every sultry detail to share with the world.Ā Ā Despite his overwhelming poor decisionsĀ and the risk he put our country in because of it, he was still Americaā€™s sweetheart. Still the popular vote.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

During this time people only really knew about the bad stuff that happened in the town where they lived. They didnā€™t have to process everyĀ sordid detail of every politician or celebrity around the world.

WeĀ are not made to handle all theĀ information…in the amount of detail we get…in theĀ volume itā€™s given to us. We are constantly made aware of every scary story that unfolds around the world, yet we aren’t equipped nor do we have the ability to make most any of it better.Ā Ā There must be some connection to this and the increasing number of people who suffer with depression and anxiety. We cannotĀ mentally process every bad scenarioĀ from all over theĀ globe without itĀ impacting us.Ā  We aren’t wired for it.

I stillĀ still think of JFK asĀ a good presidentā€¦sucky husband, but good president.Ā He’s far from the only politician with a shady past.Ā  He just happens to be theĀ example that got me thinking,Ā thanks to that documentary I watched.

Iā€™mĀ wondering if the world is really that much worse off now or if itā€™s that we just know more about it now.

I’d love forĀ the media to band together,Ā requesting each presidential candidate supply them with a document which includes 2 columns. In one column, the candidate would list what they are in favor of. On the other side they list what they oppose. Maybe the last page of the document could be a list of experience and references. Thatā€™s all voters really need to know.

We donā€™t need to know how much Hillary paid for her suit or if Donaldā€™s wife graduated from college or not. Itā€™s doesnā€™t matter.

Since the media will likely never do this we couldĀ at least help keep ourselves sane byĀ turning off the TV more.Ā Ā Life hack,Ā the hide feature on Facebook is a gem of a tool for frequent political ranters, bless their hearts. This feature has helped me continue to like people with loud opinions. Itā€™s not that I donā€™t love them,Ā itĀ that I’mĀ tired of seeing them jump up and down while driving a real, live, living personā€™s name and character into the dirt. Iā€™ve not spoken to anyone yet who has read any of those posts and changed their political opinions anyway.

A friend of mine has a 5-year-old son, Asher, who has it all figured out. Itā€™s genius really. She recently asked him if he knew what it meant when she said she was going to vote. He replied, ā€œSort of.ā€ She went on to explain it to him by comparing it to how they choose which restaurant to go eat. He is number 3 out of 4 children in the family so he is used to this form of voting. He said, ā€œOk, I vote for Mexican (raises his hand like heā€™s voting). My sister will vote Chick-Fil-A. Even if I do this (jumping up and down with his hand raised) and yell ā€œMexican! Mexican! Mexican!ā€ sheĀ wonā€™t change her mind. Sheā€™s still going to vote Chick-Fil-A. So you should just raise your hand, say ā€œMexicanā€ and vote.ā€

Yes, Asher, EXACTLY!

We are in the homestretch of this election campaign season. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but as of today we still have to get through the avalanche of election talk everywhere we turn. I wish my friendā€™s smarter-than-the-average-bear-cubā€™s epiphany could be promoted alongside all of it to serve as a reminder to all of us that jumping up and down and screaming who we are going to vote for, doesnā€™t change anything and only makes the person jumping exhausted.

It’s only 3 months until it will all be finally decided on and done.Ā  We will be able toĀ unhide our loved ones who drove us crazy on Facebook. The era of bumper stickers that say ā€œDonā€™t blame me, I voted Trumpā€ and ā€œDonā€™t blame me, I voted Clintonā€ is just around the corner. Persevere my friends. Stay strong, we’ve almost made it through.

Letā€™s take a lesson from my friendā€™s wise little boy andĀ vote. Nicely. Quietly and with consideration of others.

Letā€™s feel happy for theĀ mack daddy, Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, that he was alive during a time beforeĀ the world wide web.

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