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50 Shades Of Magic Mike Grey

I logged onto social media recently and saw a petition going that was being shared. It seems there is a new movie about to premiere that features graphic love scenes and unchristian like values. Kind of like every other movie released. It has women talking about how perverse the new movie, 50 Shades of Grey, […]

2015: 8 Pounds of Winter Happiness

My New Year’s Resolutions don’t involve weight loss. Here’s the thing. I really don’t care as much what I look like when my pale white legs that haven’t been shaved in 4 days are covered with leggings and tall boots. I try not to stress when I gain my winter 8 because those 8 pounds […]

Trash Lady

This summer as I sat on a therapist couch I recall sputtering something like this, “I don’t know what my problem is. I have a great husband and 2 amazing kids. I have something nice to drive and somewhere nice to live. I’ve never worried about where my next meal would come from. I’m healthy. […]

Hot Mess Mamas

Today is the 20th anniversary of Susan Smith driving her car, with her two little boys strapped in the backseat, into a lake. She told police she was carjacked, but later confessed to the murders. She is serving a life sentence in a South Carolina prison. I remember being a young college student, who didn’t […]

What Halloween?

Happy Hallelujah / Trunk or Treat / Fall Festival (on Oct 31st) / Pumpkin Party (on Oct 31st). All are popular names for Halloween parties for churches. It’s basically a great way to hook families into engaging with them in a fun non-threatening way with hopes that something will spark their interest in returning for […]